Stateside Care for Troops



TO: All Chaplains, Healthcare and Mental-Healthcare Professionals Working With Active-Duty Military

SUBJECT:’s Care for the Stateside Troops

BooksForSoldiers generally is restricted to helping deployed troops.  There is one area in which we can support the troops who are Stateside, and we’d like to bring that to your attention.

You may be working with wounded warriors, troops with specific morale issues, or just have a large group for which you have concerns (for example, a large number of soldiers with no families returning from deployment).  You may be wishing for resources for them (e.g., entertainment, teaching materials such as books on coping with stress, or just niceties to comfort soldiers returning home).

We can help supply you here and are happy to help, provided the following conditions are met:

  • We get a letter from the base chaplain on base letterhead.  This is a paper version, an original.
  • In the letter your needs are described with the specific request you are making to help fill these needs.
  • Your name (or any the names of your designees) is mentioned in the letter as well.
  • The letter signed by the base chaplain

Basically we are asking that the base chaplain vouch for you, documenting the need and what is requested.  A letter like this from the base senior medical officer (an MD) and signed will also work.

By base, we mean the location (fort, camp, air station, etc.) of the troops we will be serving.  We also can support medical needs in the US in such places as military hospitals or recovery centers.

Each scenario must be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Once we are in receipt of this letter, your request will be valid (that is, supported by us) for one full year unless the signing officer (your base chaplain, senior medical officer, etc.) has a change of address.

We are sorry for this overhead, but it is necessary.  Our nonprofit status only allows us to send items to deployed addresses AND this one circumstance is allowed if we have this letter from your base commander.  Without this documentation we could lose our nonprofit status.

Again, we are very happy to support you if you wish to go this route and make the request.  You can contact us at to alert us that you’ll be sending and we’ll try to help shepherd it through faster.  The letter should be addressed to:

Books For Soldiers
ATTN: Stateside Support
c/o Storm Williams
21635 SW Cedar Brook Way #147
Sherwood, OR 97140

Thank you.  It is a privilege to serve you.