Now Supporting Stateside Veterans Groups Announces:
We are Now Supporting Veterans-Support Groups
For Those in the United States

We have long had a desire to support the troops stateside.  (See here, for instance.)  We are now supporting veterans here at home.

We invite Veterans-Support Groups to send us requests for us to help them: requests for items that we will post for our membership to fill. We will process such requests in the same way we handle requests for deployed troops.

We would especially support requests for books and other media, like books that would help a veterans ministry in its mission. Like we do with deployed military, we would accept requests for non-media items (like the toiletries, supplies, and the goodies that we have been known to send).

In order to take your requests, we would like you group to register with us.  This just means we would like

  • your group’s contact information (address, e-mail address, telephone and name for a point of contact)
  • your group’s tax status (e.g., if you are a non-profit group, whether you are a 501(3)c )
  • a description of your group or a statement of your mission

Please e-mail us at with these details, or, complete the details form below.  Then, use our request form for Veterans Groups (or email us), to send us the details of your request.

We would respectfully ask that if you are a non-profit organization, upon request of our members, that you would provide documentation for their tax deduction.  We would also hope that on occasion your group could make to us small financial donations to help us continue to help you.  And, please do join our group by registering here.

And of course, we continue to support those men and women who are deployed with the US military.  Keep those requests coming!