Help Us Build Our Friends-of-the-Library Directory Listing

When people ask if they can donate their books to us, we need to explain that we rely on individual members to send books directly to soldiers. We have no central warehouse to take their books from them, for example.

One thing that has worked well for us has been that many of our members have been libraries.

Many libraries have a “Friends of the Library” group, which raises money for their libraries many times by having books sales. The books they sell are frequently gotten from donations (not just old books the library is discarding), and when they can the group will set aside donated books they received and send those books to the troops.

If you a member of a “Friends of the Library” organization, would you consider being a drop point for BooksForSoldiers?

We will gladly list your library and contact details of where to go to donate books, with the understanding of the people who donate books to you that you may sell some of those books to raise money for your library, but when you can you will send the donated books to the troops.

When you get books donated from people who saw you listed on our website, you may want to be sure and also request a small dollar donation to defray cost of postage as well. People are understanding of this.

You can list your organization HERE. (You must be registered and logged into the site to add your details.) Or you can send us the details to and we’ll add for you.

Basic details you may wish to include:

  • the name and location of the place where books should be taken (e.g., the library name and the addresses)
  • days and hours that donations are taken
  • phone number.
  • the Library that is being supported if that is not clear from the above items

Thanks for your help.

And we very much send a BIG THANK YOU to those “Friends of the Library” organizations that have helped us in this way. Your support and continued support has been very much appreciated.