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Author Topic: Gamboy Advance handheld consoles and GBA games, PSP handheld console and games  (Read 2 times)


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I'm giving away these beauties and hoping that you guys will enjoy playing them. I have them for years and they're sitting around, gathering dust. With the new generation handheld consoles these days, no one seems all that interested in the old-fashioned handheld game consoles from the 90's.

I have a couple Gameboy Advance handheld consoles (one pink and one blue) - both are still in awsome working condition. They only requires AA batteries to run it, in which I will be including in the package. Each consoles have it own protective cover bags in which to store both the consoles and the GBA games.

Here are a list of GBA games:

1. Classic NES series: Zelda II - Adventures of Link

2. Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (THE longest game EVER and very hard!!)

3. Breath of Fire II

4. Dragonball Z: Super Sonic Warriors

5. Dragonball GT: Transformation

6. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

7. Super Mario Advance

8. Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

9. 3-games-in-one: Battleship, Risk, Clue

10. Mario Kart: Super Circuit

11. Power Rangers: Timeforce

12. Disney's Treasure Planet

13. Lara Croft's Tomb Raider: Legend

14. Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas

15. Namco Museum (multiple games inside here)

16. Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase

17. That's So Raven

18. That's So Raven II

19. Disney's Kim Possible

20. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

21: YuGiOh: DungeonDice Monsters (will include instruction book - difficult to play but once you understand the rules then it'll be lot of fun for you)

I also have an old fashioned black and white Ninteno Gameboy Pocket handheld console dated from 1996 and it is still in terrific working condition! It goes with a protective cover bag, along with several games. This one only requires AAA batteries to run it, in which I will personally include in the package.

Here are a list of Ninteno GB Pocket games (with protective cases) to go with it:

1. The Mummy Returns

2. Game and Watch Gallery (consists of several classical games inside)

3. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (this is not an easy game to beat but still enjoyable classic to play)

4. Dragon's Lair

5. Pac-Man

Lastly, I have one PSP handheld console which is has been used but is in Like New condition. There is a protective carry-on bag that includes the charger, cords with a movie remote, a protective place for the PSP console and the games. The PSP also have its own protective cover to prevent any scratches done to the exterior surface.

Here are a list of PSP games:

1. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

2. Daxter, from Jak and Daxter series

3. Dragonball Z: SHIN Budokai

BONUS: I will also throw in a working set of headphones with volume adjustment on the cord.  :D
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