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Author Topic: Books Collected during a company book drive  (Read 183 times)


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Books Collected during a company book drive
« on: March 30, 2017, 10:16:11 AM »

Our company, Siemens, conducted a book drive and were looking for somewhere to donate them and came across this wonderful site. We would gladly ship them to the troops. They are all packaged and ready to go as soon as we have a destination to send them to. We would prefer to ship them all together vs. 1-2 books at a time to individuals. Below is the list of the books and their author that we have collected. Thanks!!!

Book Tittles         Authors
•   I’ll be laughing      Joseph T. McGloin, S.J
•   Under fire         Tom Clancy
•   The Gray Man      Mark Greaney
•   Radiant Angel      Nelson DeMille
•   The world at night      Alan Furst
•   Upchuck and the rotten    Bill Wallace
•   Inner Harbor         Nora Roberts
•   Angel Falls          Nora Roberts
•   Swan Peak         James Lee Burke
•   Bright star         Harold Coyle
•   The Target         David Baldacci
•   If this world were mine   E.Lynn Harris
•   War of the rats      David L. Robbins
•   Tricks            Ed McBain
•   U.S.S Seawolf      Patrick Robinson
•   Balance Of power      James W. Huston
•   Battleground         W.E.B Griffin
•   Two fronts         Harry Turtledove
•   The double agents      W.E.B Griffin
•   Act of  treason      Vince Flynn
•   The Survivor         Gregg Hurwitz
•   The plan         Stephen J. Canell
•   Somebody’s gotta say it   Neal Boortz
•   The class rainbow      James Lee Burke
•   Hollywood Hills      Joseph Wambaugh
•   Distant Valor         C.X Moreau
•   Dead Man’s Walk      Larry Mcmurtry
•   The Avialor         W.E.B Griffin
•   Pretty Boy Floyd      Larry McMurtry
•   Night Prey         John Sandford
•   Vector            Robin Cook
•   Zero Option         P.T Deutermann
•   The run of his life      Jeffrey Toobin
•   Blue Deep         Layne Heath
•   The Judge         Steve   Martin
•   Runner         Thomas Perry
•   Toxin            Robing Cook
•   Ember from the sun      Mark Canter
•   Legal Tender         Lisa Scottoline
•   The Da Vincicode      Dan Brown
•   High Noon         Nora Robert
•   A wanted man      Lee Child
•   The Bourne Retribution   Eric Van Lusbader
•   The English spy      Dan Silva
•   Whispers         Dean Koontz   
•   I am Pilgrim         Terry Hayes
•   The escape         David Baldacci
•   Full Black         Brad Thor
•   Hope            Len Deighton
•   The last Don         Mario Puzo
•   The law of our fathers   Scott Turow
•   The Bourne Ultimatum   Robert Ludium
•   Dreamland         Kevin Baker
•   Wild Ride         Ann Auerbach
•   Primal Fear         William Dlehl
•   The fourth perimeter   Tim Green
•   Falcons         Ray Rosenbaum
•   Blood Works         Michael Connelly
•   Cold Harbour         Jack Higgins
•   Dead Shot         Jack Coughkin
•   The edge         Catherine Coulter
•   Cauldron         Larry Bond
•   Zero Coupon         Paul Erman
•   Battle Born          Dale Brown
•   Total Control         David Baldacci
•   Season in hell      Jack Higgins
•   Sudden Prey         John Sandford
•   The brass wall      David Kocieniewski
•   Chains of command      Dale Brown
•   Memorial Day      Vince Flynn
•   Harmful Intent      Robin Cook
•   Beach Music         Pat Conroy
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