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Don’t Panic!


We know things have been difficult these past few months at Books For Soldiers. In case you haven’t read elsewhere, the site was hacked and the databases were damaged. No data was stolen, but the site was rendered near useless.

As of tonight, we finally repaired the last bit of the damaged databases. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we will completely wipe the server and rebuild the site from the ground up. Your log-ins and passwords will still be the same, the posts that are on the site as of tonight will still be there. The forum layout will be different. We will go back to a default theme to make sure if any security holes from our custom theme existed, they will no longer bother us.

The front end of the site will also be rebuilt from the ground up. Our hope is that the site will be even easier to use.

We could certainly use donations to offset the labor required to rescue the site. Anything will be appreciated.

Here is our new address…

Books For Soldiers
9530 Hageman Road Suite B #174
Bakersfield CA 93312

As always we accept donations via PayPal. Here is the address…

The rebuild should be done by Memorial Day, 2019. The hard part is over.

Again, thank you for your continued support of our troops.

Storm Williams



by | May 26, 2019