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Sad news to report.
BFS will shutter on 9-11-2023 for good.
With a high cost of operating expenses and a low number of requests, the charity is no longer viable to operate. Also, the board of directors did a survey and the military today is very different from 22 years ago when we started. Getting English language books into the hands of a soldier in a war zone is very simple these days with the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and Kindles. Plus the access to satellite Wi-Fi is now a given for FOB deployments.
You, the volunteers, have been amazing. It was a great and amazing journey that we all took together. We rose to the occasion when it mattered most – FOR DECADES.
Those of you that participated have stories to tell that will astound others, they will be amazing and, many times, deeply sad. Those of you that know, know. You are keenly aware of how difficult and profound this volunteer journey has been at times.
I will never begin to thank our volunteers enough for efforts. Our soldiers needed help, and you answered the call; with Stephen King, Tom Clancy, maybe a gallon of sunblock and homemade cookies.
But our journey has come to an end. I would encourage all of you to volunteer for local vet charities. Visit a VFW Hall, help them move a couch, listen to them when they are their most desperate, celebrate their milestones as we all move beyond the wars that brought us all together.
Lastly, you can always make the more cookies!
It has been, and forever will be my honor to have taken this journey with each and every one of you.
Thank you.
Storm Bear Williams
Books For Soldiers.

A Red Grail Charity